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I am interested in helping to fill the void that most seek to fill...
to be the best of ourselves through daily empowerment, insight, perspectives, new thinking, encouragement and inspiration.
Following are a few ideas that I feel can contribute to more Facebook user interactivity, meaningful expression, and even transformative change.
A well-known advocate for the innovative use of information and communication technologies in developing countries, Dr. Sarah McCue is author of several technical books and social entrepreneur. She is founder of BluWorld, launched in collaboration with Google and Cisco Foundation to provide opportunities to youth in developing countries; co-founder of The Remembering Site, a memoir-writing platform to write and preserve the stories of our elders; and is founder of Women with 2020 Vision to empower women through online mentoring.

She has served the United Nations as manager of the United Nations Development Program Information and Communications Technology for Development practice; Panel of Advisers to the United Nations Global Alliance for Technology and Development; World Bank senior partnership adviser for the technology industry; senior adviser to the United Nations International Trade Centre as well as consultant to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, World Bank Development Gateway Foundation and advisory board member for United Nations Fund for Women New York chapter.

She serves on the Board of Directors of several emerging firms and organizations to bring innovative and transformative technology and opportunities to underserved regions, and is currently chairperson of A Nobel Campaign to encourage awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the founders of the Internet.

She also teaches the graduate capstone course for Georgetown University's Master of Professional Studies in Technology Management.
I am fascinated by the Proust Questionnaire and, in fact, have used it in my work with the United Nations for various cultures to understand our vast similarities and unique differences. As you can see in Vanity Fair magazine's Proust Questionnaire and book, celebrities answer provocative questions, revealing so much in a very limited space. Facebook might consider creating a simple Q&A Proust Questionnaire section that allows users to reveal more of who they are and what they believe.
Has Facebook considered posing a thought--provoking question of the day for all of us to respond to if, for example, I want to engage but don't have anything of substance to post? Perhaps doing so would build a sense of community when we get into the habit of responding to a meaningful question of the day. I co-founded the non-profit organization The Remembering Site in 2003 with over a thousand provocative questions to give an idea of the types of questions that could be asked.
How interesting and educational if Facebook would feature a non-profit/NGO, piece of art, artist, music clip, famous person, and/or photo of the day from National Geographic or other professional photography sources.
The Daily Dose provides daily inspirational messages:

  • Monday Moanin: Tips on conflict resolution
  • Tech Tuesday: Great tech to improve your life
  • Wise Wednesday: Little known facts
  • Thoughtful Thursday: Suggested random acts of kindness
  • Friendship Friday: Ways to grow friendships, socialize
  • Silly Saturday: Having fun with family, jokes, suggestions on staying connected
  • Quotable Sunday: Great quotes, affirmations or positive statements
Could allow users to create and complete brief learning modules based on the expertise within all of us. How wonderful it would be to have users learn from each other through standardized, templated MOOC-like courses that users create and share with the Facebook community.

Alternatively, a “Learning Center” could be established to educate and inform on key empowerment areas such as activism, conflict resolution, entrepreneurship, environment, financial literacy, geography and cultures, health, human rights, religions, etc. to include key “Did You Know?” facts, FAQs, checklists, inspiring stories, regional examples, related organizations, photos, links, etc. Highest quality content, focused on important educational topics. Learn without leaving Facebook.
What if “100 books to read in a lifetime” from around the world is featured – to include the first chapter at no cost and if the user wishes to order the full book, a percent would be given to Facebook? It would expose users to classic books and could also be a revenue generator for Facebook.
An entire series could be created of the 100 best children’s books, recipes, interior design ideas, kids in business ideas, places to visit, gift ideas, dating tips, quotations, nature activities, decorating ideas, etc. All opportunities for targeted advertising.

All 100 best topics could be voted by the Facebook community which would make editing and updating the lists dependent on crowd sourcing – i.e., no large editorial staff.
Why not bring back a national, regional or global etiquette and advice columnists. Miss Manners and Ann Landers are needed now more than ever.
Perhaps work with the United Nations International Trade Centre to feature products from developing countries in the current gift section?
Similar to (or by Facebook purchasing) LikeBook, I would think that Facebook could make a mint publishing an annual yearbook of users’ Facebook status updates, photos and/or comments.
For the deceased but also to encourage anyone, anywhere to pay tribute to a someone who has made a difference in someone's life - a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, teacher, friend or colleague.

These tributes would be revealing, tender, insightful, triumphant, nostalgic, and powerfully focused on the inspiring power of the unsung heroes in our lives. In return, by reading these tributes, we will be inspired by the examples of helping, encouraging and loving another. The tributes could be brief statements of +/- 250 words and can include a photo, and brief video or audio.
Facebook or World Biographic would make it easy for anyone, anywhere to create, share, and archive one’s life experience into a brief autobiographic profile comprised of written, audio, photographic and video profiles that could be shared within Facebook but, importantly, outside as a professional representation of someone.

Why is this important? Online searches and Facebook and other profiles need to reveal more about a person than the often incomplete and random items typically written by others that result when searching for someone's name.

World Biographic could provide accurate, comprehensive, and meaningful profiles when we seek information on individuals -- for knowledge of someone but also to foster cultural awareness and connections.
Having instant polling statistics on issues that are trending and socially important could position Facebook as an influential player in international development, national and social issues among nations.
A simple mechanism could be created to allow professionals who would wish to mentor someone the opportunity to click a button that indicates, “I’m open to a mentoring role. Contact me if you might wish to be considered.” I have been astonished for years that there is no global mentoring platform.
Facebook could use the power of its global platform to solve intractable problems to transform the lives of the poor. The idea is to collaborate with global platforms such as Allibaba, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to identify experts to respond to specific problems of groups, schools, cities, environments, governments, health populations, etc. How wonderful would it be if Facebook issued a call for solutions to specific problems in developing countries?
I feel these ideas will contribute to greater:

Community – I come from a small town in Michigan that was once thriving -- a community full of traditions, activities, events, ways to connect, learn, and discover. Slowly it stopped being a community and people left for more vibrant communities. What if Facebook developed a community that addressed all aspects of what we like to do in thriving communities – a community that no one wanted to leave?

Content – Yahoo is turning around due to its “genius content strategy” and everywhere we hear that content is king. Why not educate and inspire users with content that will change their perspectives, enlighten their thinking, and compel them to return every day throughout their lives for lifelong discovery? Not just entertainment, sports, celebrity, or news but content that informs and empowers.

Convergence – Incorporate the best of the web so that users have no reason to leave.

For never in the history of humankind have we been given the opportunity to use technology to communicate, educate, connect, mentor, mobilize and give voice to the voiceless. Until now.
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